Rental Fees



Dear Seabrook Resident:


Please be informed that there has been a change in policy regarding rental fees for Seabrook Place. 


Due to the fact that there have been a substantial number of unit owners who have been allowing tenants to move into their properties without following the established procedures, the Association has had to change the interview and related fee policy. 


As of June 1, 2008, the required rental (refundable) deposit will be $500.00 per lease.  This $500 will automatically be charged to the unit owner on his quarterly assessment statement and will become the unit owner’s responsibility to collect from his tenant.


Should an unidentified tenant remain on the property without attending the required interview, the unit owner will forfeit the $500.00 deposit.  In addition, as unit owners are responsible for their tenants, the unit owner will forfeit from the deposit any monies needed to cover damage or fines should their tenant violate the established Seabrook Place rules or cause any damage to the Seabrook Place property.  Forfeiture of the $500 security deposit does not release the owner from additional liability to the Association for payment of damages or applicable fines imposed by the Board that would be otherwise payable due to the owner’s failure to comply with Seabrook Place rules and regulations.


This change has become necessary to ensure the safety and property values of the homeowners of Seabrook Place.  If you have any questions, please call the property management company for more information.




Seabrook Place Board of Directors 2008